Ultimate Dream Kitchen in Algonquin, Illinois

Mega does it all, no matter the project. For over 40 years we have been working with home and business owners in Algonquin Illinois. If you have a dream kitchen in mind, we will make it a reality. We are available for the design, installation, and maintenance of the kitchen of your dreams. We are dedicated to providing not only the highest quality customer experience, but an outstanding finished product.  Call us today (847-658-8989) for all your kitchen needs!

Let’s make your Algonquin Illinois home’s kitchen everything you’ve wanted it to be.

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    One Mega Call Does It All

    How to prepare for a remodel

    When it comes closer to remodeling day, you need to prepare your house. Mega Pros makes sure that you and your home are worry free. As part of the Mega Pros guarantee, here is some helpful tips to make the remodel run smoothly.

    Make a list of all of the items you need to have onsite when construction begins.

    Have you ordered the sink and the faucet? Is the delivery scheduled? When work starts, your home can get a little chaotic with people doing many things at once. Sometimes when it comes to making sure everything is picked out, things can slip your mind until our Project Manager asks for something that you forgot.

    Establish expectations with your Project Manager

    At Mega Pros, you are assigned a personal Project Manager that helps with every detail along the way. This isn’t just about telling the him what you expect, this is also about the Project Manager and other professionals letting you know what are realistic expectations.

    As the homeowner, you actually do have some control over the schedule. Taking too long to finalize decisions can cause significant delays. Here are some things to consider and discuss with your Mega Pro:

    • How long will the overall construction last?
    • Ask your Mega Pro what you can do to guard against delays. Oftentimes this means having all the product onsite and not designing in the field and making changes.
    • What areas can the crew use?
    • What are the cleanup expectations?
    • When will you have to be out of the house for refinishing of floors? And for how long? What products will be used?
    • What hours are OK for the crew to work?

    Don’t forget to be nice to the neighbors! Let the neighbors know you’re starting a construction project and that there will be crews around. Set up a recurring weekly construction meeting to touch base with your Mega Pro and other pro partners.

    Set Up a Temporary Kitchen

    If you are getting your whole kitchen remodeled, you cannot use it for the entire duration of the remodel. To help with this, make sure that you have an organized way of a small area for some meal prep and cooking. You’ll need a decent amount of space to cook, keep appliances and to eat at.

    • Cooking and prep station. This can include a microwave/toaster oven and a hot plate if you’ll use this. Also include a big cutting board for anything that you’ll need to cut.
    • Have the old one set up somewhere so you may use it
    • Store food in large clear containers under the table/station when you aren’t using it.
    • Have an area for paper plates, napkins and utensils. This way you will be more organized and feel calmer during the construction phase.

    With little space to work with during construction, its best to winnow down the kitchen gear. No matter how much you say or love to cook, your routine will be disrupted and large meals will present with challenges.

    Remember the Big Picture

    In the grand scheme of homeownership, this is only a short period of inconvenience amid the years you will have with your new kitchen. Keep the process in perspective and treat it as an adventure.

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