Long gone are the days where having a patio in the backyard meant having just a concrete slab. Today’s homeowners are increasing looking to connect their patios with the nature or home which the new patio will resign. One of the biggest trends we see continuing to gain traction is the idea of creating an outdoor living space designed to entertain. Below are some of the trends we love helping clients embrace when creating the outdoor space of their dreams.

  • Concrete Patios – still the most common base material, however today’s concrete is nothing but boring. For a large percentage of patio’s we are installing in the Chicagoland area, homeowners are requested textured, stamped, or stained concrete. Today’s concert patio design options are almost endless.
  • Outdoor Living – creating “rooms” by framing seating areas similarly to how you would a living room.
  • Permeable Brick Pavers. Homeowners love that there are now permeable pavers that allows water to drain through and filter out some contaminants before it reaches the ground water.
  • Vertical Gardens – Vertical gardens allow homeowners to add natural elements and an additional sense of height to the new outdoor “room” space.
  • Outdoor Fireplaces or grand fire-pits – Gone of the days are a few blocks in the grass is considered a fire-pit. Today’s homeowners crave built in fire-pits or fireplaces surrounding by seating.
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