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Mega Pros is the number one choice for home remodeling services, so we know home inspections.  We take our knowledge, experience, and standards and ensure that when you are buying a home that you have a great inspection service to make sure you are making the right decisions.  Our reports are thorough, and each report is filled out with accompanying pictures and clarifications on any of the problems your future home might have.  ALWAYS DO A HOME INSPECTION BEFORE YOU BUY! Home Inspections will give you a chance to see any problems, future investment areas, and give you added negotiating power when you are purchasing.  Call Mega Pros and make sure your inspection is done right.

Most Common Issues Found During Home Inspections

Below is a list of some of the most common issues we find while performing home inspections in Northern Illinois.

1. Faulty wiring—open junction boxes, amperage mismatches, no wire nuts on wires.

2. Poor grading and drainage— spongy soil around the foundation, signs of leaking in basement, excessive moisture near foundation and in basement.

3. Faulty gutters—clogged or bent gutters, water not channeled away from house. Pair that with poor grading and your home could be facing serious water in your basement or crawl space.

4. Basement dampness—water stains, discoloration or a powdery like residue on walls, mold or mildew.

5. Roof problems—brittle or curled shingles; broken or missing flashings.

6. Foundation flaws—cracks in foundation, sloping floors, sticking doors or windows.

8. Faulty plumbing—inadequate water pressure, slow drains, dated pipes and valves

9. Poor ventilation—extreme heat in attic, vapor condensation, moisture build up, mold, as well as lack of enough insulation.

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