Ideas for a Chicago Kitchen Remodel

Do you feel like you’ve time-traveled back into the 80’s when you step into your kitchen? Often described as the heart of the home – your kitchen serves as your entertainment space for friends and family, your meeting spot for those important conversations, an art museum for all those precious pieces your little Picasso creates, and so much more. For many families, it is where you spend much of your time. So if it feels like you’re on the set of a John Hughes movie classic instead of your dream kitchen, it’s time for an update! These five trends are sure to give you ideas for your overdue Chicago kitchen remodel.

Bring On the Drama With Black

This dark shade is having a serious moment in home trends. Not only is black the hottest color to add some dazzle to your bathroom (see our Bathroom Remodel Trends of 2019 blog), it’s also the perfect shade to bring the heat in the kitchen. Black fixtures, hardware or appliances add a traditional style to the space. And adding just a splash of black gives your kitchen a dramatic look without darkening it.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Technology has seeped into every inch of our life, so we knew it was going to find its way into our kitchens. Smart appliances are growing in popularity for their sleek look and functionality. Be it a microwave with smart-scan technology or a refrigerator that has an LCD screen that allows you to answer phone calls, pull up recipes or watch TV – futuristic appliances are happening! Appliances aren’t the only part of the kitchen seeing updates. Messy hands won’t mess up your faucet handles anymore with a touchless faucet.  

A Pop of Color Will Do You Good

So long, white cabinets! Cabinets are getting a total makeover in 2019 with color. Going with a bold shade is a fun and easy way to give your kitchen personality. A popular choice for cabinetry this year (along with black!) is light green. Specifically, mint green!  Not ready to take the complete colored cabinet plunge? Go for a more modest two-tone. Contrasting colors on cabinets give the same bold effect.

Hide and Seek

Gone are the days of countertops overflowing with kitchen necessities. Concealed and clean is in (thanks, Marie Kondo!). This no-show attitude means we must maximize storage in the kitchen! Adding storage, like cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling, can maximize surface area and gives any kitchen a clean, streamlined feel. And everyone loves a clutter-free kitchen. The best part of this trend? Functional storage never goes out of style so your home’s resale value will benefit too!

Take a Look Under the Hood

…or not! Hidden ventilation hoods are said to be one of the biggest trends in kitchen renovation this year. This is a great addition for any homeowner going for a clean, modern look. But what about all that smoke and steam? Invest in a cooktop or kitchen range that features a downdraft ventilation system. This type of ventilation pulls cooking fumes and smoke downward. 

Itching to try one of these trends for your Chicago kitchen remodel? Mega Pros is excited to make it happen! Whether you’re ready for a full remodel or a small update, we’re the renovation experts for the job. Give us a call at 847.658.8989 or send us a message on our contact page for more information about  the services we offer.


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