One of the first things homeowners want to know when hiring us for a project, is will this add value to my home? Well the truth is, most home improvements and remodeling will automatically add value, but there are some projects that over more value add than others. Many times when discussing projects and the added value that may come from it, we always ask what your plans are for the home; are you looking to enjoy the enhancements we will be making, or are you looking to sell? Regardless of where you are in terms of goals for enhancements, below you will find a list of sure fire ways to add resale value to your home.

1) Fix the “confusion”

Every older home seems to have its own quarks that leave people asking questions. What is that sound, what is that smell, what is that color, why does this look off, etc. If there are sections or parts of your home that draw negative attention or raises negative questions. This is especially important if you are looking to sell. Nothing turns off buyers faster than having a lot of questions or a long to do list when it comes to your home. Good new is, that with Mega Pros we offer amazing Handyman Services for projects of any size. Get your list put together and we will tackle it for you.

2) Enhance Curb Appeal

You only get one first impression, make it memorable for the right reasons. The outside of your home says a lot more than you may think. Every small details matters, even your mailbox. One of the most overlooked curb appeal opportunities is your home’s front door. Not only does the door say a lot about what to expect on the inside, but it also speaks to the warmth and security of your home. We cannot express the importance of having and overhand such as a portico above the front door. Another great investment where you can get back dollar for dollar is for a new deck and creating an outdoor living space.

3) Bathroom and Kitchen Upgrades

This one is a no brainer and pretty much solidly established in all homeowner’s minds. This doesn’t always mean having to do a total renovation. You may be surprised to learn what cleaning the grout, replacing faucets, updating doorknobs/cabinet pulls or a new toilet can do. Regardless of the size of bathroom or kitchen upgrade you want to do, call us today!

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