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Handyman Services

Mega has done every type of handyman and home improvement project you can imagine. We tackle projects no matter how large or small.


         Frequently Requested Handyman Services from our customers:

Curtain rods   Towel bars   Faucets   Doorbells  Ceiling fan   Shower heads  Caulking tub   Changing hardware  Re-screen windows   Squeaky doors   Closet doors fixed  Tune up windows   Cracked tile   Damaged drywall   Door stops  Door won’t latch  Damaged trim   Light fixture installed  Replace thresholds  Weather stripping Toilet Guts  Dryer vent tube   Switch or outlet fix   New mail box   Sliding door hard to slide   Loose railing Holes where squirrels come in   New house numbers   Broken drawer slide   Cabinet doors crooked  Stair tread Install shelf in closet   Hang pictures  Rotten deck board   Seal basement windows  Fix grout  Hang television